Page 253. " how fair his skin was "

Fair skin is viewed by many in India as desirable, and beautiful, fuelling a growing market in skin lightening creams among both men and women.

Page 265. " beedis "

Cheap cigarettes, made often by hand by peasant women.

Page 269. " women walk for miles every morning to fins a bucket of clean "

The collection of water is often regarded as a job for women in girls. In rural India, the distances involved can mean this task takes hours of time and much effort.

Public DomainWater

Page 269. " The Imperial Hotel "

Built in 1931, by an associate of Lutyens, considered to be one of Asia's most luxurious hotels

Page 272. " The South is full of Tamils "

Southern Indian Tamil society is distinct that of the north. With a culture dating back two thousand years, and their own language, Tamil people are found in south India and Sri Lanka.

Page 274. " Old Fort "

Built by the Mughals in the 16th Century, this huge structure has walls eighteen metres high, that run for 1.5km. It stands on the site of an ancient settlement that is considered the 'first city of Delhi'.

Old Fort
Creative Commons AttributionOld Fort - Credit: Varun Shiv