Page 295. " Lunch was four rupees a plate. The food is good value in the south "

Many Indian, and particulary southern Indian, cafe/restaurants serve 'meals' - a set price for a plate of food, or Thali.

Page 297. " a huge stone building with a golden lion on top of it "

The Vidhana Soudha, Karnataka's legislative assembly, with Ashoka's lion on top of it. Ashoka's lion is a four headed lion, and the national symbol of India.

Page 298. " autorickshaw "

Motorised rickshaws, with 2-stroke motorbike engines, similar to South East Asian Tuk-Tuks.

Creative Commons Attribution Share Alikeautorickshaw - Credit: Deepak Gupta

Page 300. " the people of th north and the south of my country speak different languages "

Bangalore is in Karnataka state, where the language is Kannada