Page 303. " stirrings, rumours, threats of insurrection "

Bangalore's economic and technological wealth has grown enormously in recent years, but not all are carried along with this wave, which has left many behind. This social dislocation leads to unrest.

Page 309. " I promise you, things will come out "

Police corruption in India is common, and Indians tend to distrust the police for this reason.

Page 311. " we have to keep hitting and hurting people on the roads "

India's congested roads are the most dangerous in the world.

Page 311. " a few of them seem to get this urge to blow up trains every year "

Islamic terroritsts were blamed for the 2006 Mumbai train bombings.

Page 316. " an English school "

The children of wealthy Indians tend to go to English medium schools. English is, to many middle-class Indians, almost a first language, and therefore vital to Indians wanting to progress in business and education.

Page 318. " M.G Road "

Mahatma Ghandi Road is the name of the main road in most Indian cities