Page 51. " Go to a tea shop anywhere along the Ganga, sir, and look at the men working in that tea shop "

Small tea shops, serving tea and basic food, are found throughout India. They tend to be busy, but often dark and grimy places, but play an important role for many in a society where large numbers work very long hours, and need to eat cheaply outside the home. In this video, a tea-shop worker makes Indian-style tea.

Page 56. " That's what you people do. You make sweets. How can you learn to drive? "

The Halwai caste of India are traditionally sweet makers.

GNU Free Documentation Licensesweets - Credit: Yossarian
Sweets often play an important part in Hindu rituals, and are offered to the Gods.  The Halwai are one of many thousands of castes in India, making up part of an ancient and complex social system, in which all have their place. Its influence is lessening in modern India, but is still powerful.

Page 59. " A sly, slant eyed Nepali with a while moustache "

Nepali immigrants are common in India, and they are entitled to legally work in the country without restriction. They often face prejudice .

Page 65. " eight hundred rupees a month, he said "

There are around 70 rupees to the pound at current exchange rates. The average monthly salary is 3000 rupees, but this varies widely. 42% of Indians fall below the international poverty line.

Page 66. " No history of supporting the Naxals "

The Naxals are Commmunist revolutionaries operating in India's so called 'red corridor', the impoverished parts of the east.

Page 72. " English Liquor, naturally, is for the rich "

Imported alcohol and 'Indian made foreign liquor' (western style drinks manufactured in India) are too expensive for India's poor. They drink illegal home-brews, which are sometimes deadly .