Page 85. " We've already found someone for you - a nice plump duck. The moment she has her menstural cycle she can come here. "

Marriages in India are usually arranged, with the girls almost always younger than their husbands.

GNU Free Documentation Licensewedding - Credit: Jasingh Rathore
Marriage plays an important part in the social structure, and is seen as a Hindu 'duty'. 

Page 88. " You know how close they are to their families in the Darkness "

Across all religious and class divides in India, family life is important and follows close structures. This is often particularly true amongst rural families living in close quarters in cramped homes such as this one.

Page 89. " We've got people to take care of us here - our drivers, our watchmen, our masseurs. "

The vast majority of middle classs families in India have servants, much as they would have in nineteenth century Britain, with low wages making it affordable. Strict socio-cultural mores govern the relationship between servants and their masters.

Page 100. " Now the rallies were done "

Indian election rallies are loud and impassioned events