Page 141. " Eureka! "
Archimedes Thoughtful
Public DomainArchimedes Thoughtful - Credit: Domenico Fetti

 Eureka! means ‘I have found it!’

The exclamation is credited to the Greek inventor Archimedes, commenting on his discovery of the principle of water displacement and its use in measuring the volume of irregular objects.


Page 148. " with a tortoise-shell clasp "

A tortoiseshell ornament of Micronesia.
GNU Free Documentation LicenseA tortoiseshell ornament of Micronesia. - Credit: Maksim
Tortoiseshell Cat
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTortoiseshell Cat - Credit: DrL
Grandmamma’s handbag has a tortoise-shell clasp. In this instance it is likely a synthetic tortoise-shell, i.e. a substance made to resemble the actual shell of a tortoise. The term is also used to describe cats with colouring in shades of brown, black and cream.