Page 152. " dose of castor-oil "
Castor Oil
Creative Commons AttributionCastor Oil - Credit: Pictures from Heather

Made from the castor bean, castor-oil is a foul-tasting medicinal oil. A popular folk medicine, castor-oil has been known to be used as a threat to children. Certainly there are plenty of children who would rather behave than be administered a dose. 

In Mussolini-controlled Italy, political dissidents were force fed castor-oil, which dehydrated victims. 

Page 160. " glass of dry sherry "

A fortified wine, sherry is made from white grapes grown around the Spanish city of Jerez. ‘Fortified’ means that a distilled alcohol, e.g. brandy, has been added to the wine.

The English name ‘sherry’ derives from Jerez.


Sherry barrel with transparent front
GNU Free Documentation LicenseSherry barrel with transparent front - Credit: El Pantera
Page 163. " a trapeze artist "

A trapeze is an aerial apparatus usually used in circus performances. It is a bar hung with rope or metal straps. Trapeze artists adopt various performance approaches: 

Static trapeze – where the bar does not move during the performance


Swinging trapeze – where the bar swings during performance


Flying trapeze – where the performer creates a swing and then ‘flies’ through the air to be caught by another performer or to catch another bar