Page 31. " Blue as a bilberry "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBleuets/bilberries - Credit: peupleloup
| 3 |
Creative Commons Attribution| 3 | - Credit: arquera / Emi Yañez

 Bilberries are blue-black fruit of the genus Vaccinium. They are sometimes referred to as blaeberry or whortleberry. Blueberries of North America belong to the same group.

Page 41. " in the old family house in Kent "

Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Kent
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeScotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Kent - Credit: Lincolnian (Brian) – BUSY
 Kent is a county in the southeast of England. It is often referred to as the ‘garden of England’.


Page 41. " there was an enormous conker tree "

Horse Chestnut
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHorse Chestnut - Credit: treehouse1977 / Jim Champion
"Conker trees" are Horse Chestnut trees.

Conkers are the large brown seeds inside the fruit.  They are dried and hung on strings by British children for the game of Conkers.


It's conker time again!
Creative Commons AttributionIt's conker time again! - Credit: Ali Smiles :) / Ali T
Page 47. " on the boat from Newcastle to Oslo "

Newcastle Upon Tyne is a city on the northeast coast of England, just across the North Sea from Oslo.


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Page 47. " down on the south coast near Arendal "

 Arendal is a coastal town in Norway.


Arendal from the ocean
Public DomainArendal from the ocean - Credit: Jawil

Arendal, Norway
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeArendal, Norway - Credit: Marmelad
Page 47. " and fish for cod and whiting "
Cod Almighty!
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCod Almighty! - Credit: Hello, I am Bruce / Bruce McAdam

 Cod is a family of fish of the northern seas. Generally found in cold or temperate waters, they are valued both as a food source and as a source of cod-liver oil. The oil is rich in vitamins A and D.


Merlangius merlangus, Whiting
Creative Commons AttributionMerlangius merlangus, Whiting - Credit: Georges Jansoone

Like cod, whiting is also a food fish. The name derives from the whiteness of their undersides and flesh. ‘Whiting’ may also be used to refer to varieties of hake.


Page 47. " Everyone uses mussels for bait "
Mussel: Miesmuscheln-2
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMussel: Miesmuscheln-2 - Credit: Rainer Zenz

Barnacles and Mussels and a Bit of Plastic
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBarnacles and Mussels and a Bit of Plastic - Credit: garlandcannon
 Mussels are a type of clam. They have a hard shell exterior with a soft, rubbery and often edible interior. They are indeed used as bait and are recommended for cod fishing, especially as they are freely available.  

Page 48. " My grandmother got pneumonia. "

 Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. There are different types of pneumonia and it is typically caused by bacteria or viruses.  Common symptoms include fever, coughing or difficulty breathing. 


Main symptoms of infectious pneumonia
Public DomainMain symptoms of infectious pneumonia - Credit: Mikael Häggström


Page 48. " because of penicillin "

 Penicillin is an antibiotic group derived from fungi that fights or weakens bacteria in infections. The discovery of penicillin is attributed to Alexander Fleming, a Scottish scientist.