"John Bull does abhor the crimes of John Chinaman"

John Bull - World War I recruiting poster
Public DomainJohn Bull - World War I recruiting poster - Credit: Uk Government
John Bull is a national personification of the United Kingdom, and England in particular.  He is usually depicted as a stout, middle-aged, country-dwelling, jolly man. The shallow crown of his top hat indicates his middle class identity.

He was created by Dr John Arbuthnot in 1712, in his pamphlet Law is a Bottomless Pit.  William Hogarth and other British writers went on to make Bull a heroic archetype of the Englishman.  Later, the image was disseminated overseas by various illustrators and writers. 

As a literary figure, John Bull is well-intentioned, frustrated, and full of common sense.  He is definitively a yeoman, with no authority or patriarchal power.