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Page 19. " striking into the Finchley Road "
Finchley Road tube sign
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFinchley Road tube sign - Credit: Sunil060902

Finchley Road is one of north London’s major thoroughfares.

It was built as a toll road in the late 1820s/early 1830s to provide a by-pass to the existing route north from London, which went through Hampstead.  The Hampstead route contained two steep hills, either side of Hampstead Village, and was difficult for horses with carriages to negotiate when muddy.

The new road was built at the same time as Regent's Park was created. It started from what was then called the 'New Road' (now Euston Road and Marylebone Road) and ran north. As the road crossed the boundary of Finchley it became Regent's Park Road. It ended where it joined the Great North Road as Ballards Lane.  There was a tollgate at Childs Hill.

Many grand houses were built along the road.