"At last Obbuefi Ezeugo stood up in the midst of them and bellowed four times, ‘Umuofia kwenu,’ and on each occasion he faced a different direction and seemed to push the air with a clenched fist. And then ten thousand men answered, ‘Yaa!’ each time."

The Ibo people have a culture to which community, solidarity, and unity are important. Their phrase “Igbo kwenu” most literally means, “We the Ibo people stand together in agreement and collective will.” It is also a shortened form of a longer phrase, “Igbo kwere na ihe ha kwuru” which means roughly, “The Igbo believe in what they have agreed upon to think, say, and do." The phrase “Umuofia kwenu” is just like “Ibo kwenu” except that it focuses the community of the phrase from the Ibo people as a whole to simply their village of Umuofia.