"Eze elina, elina!/ Sala/ Eze ilikwa a/ Ikwaba akwa oligholi/ Ebe danda nechi eze/ Ebe Uzuzu nete egwu/ Sala"

This song translates to:

King, do not eat, do not eat!


King, if you eat it

You will weep for the abomination

Where White Ant installs king

Where Dust dances to the drums


This song speaks of a story of a stubborn king who eats a roasted yam reserved for sacrifice to the gods. The song warns the king not to commit this crime because it would jeopardize his place and, in turn, the prosperity of his people. He is warned that if he eats the yam, he will regret it and the price he pays is a dishonorable death. Upon this death, he is said to be denied reunion with his ancestors and his people.