"He spoke through an interpreter who was an Ibo man, though his dialect was different and harsh to the ears of Mbanta. Many people laughed at his dialect and the way he used words strangely. Instead of saying "myself" he always said "my buttocks.""


Nigeria, Benin and Cameroon Languages
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeNigeria, Benin and Cameroon Languages - Credit: Ulamm

Igbo is the native language spoken by the Igbo people of southeast Nigeria. Over twenty different dialects exist in the Igbo language. Not all Igbo speakers can comprehend all of these dialects. Examples of dialects are Enuani, Ohuhu, Onicha, Bonny-Opobo, Olu and Owerre Owerri (Isuama), Umuahia, Onitsha, Orlu, Ngwa, Afikpo, Nsa, Oguta, Aniocha, Eche, Egbema, Oka (Awka), Bonny-Opobo, Mbaise, Nsuka and Unwana. The Igbo language uses a lot of proverbs to enrich the language.  The Igbo language is also a tonal language, with high and low tones.

The vast body of dialects encompassed by the umbrella term "Igbo language" is the most likely reason for the interpreter's apparent misuse of language; no common dialect has ever been established for communication between different regions.

Igbo Vowel Chart
Public DomainIgbo Vowel Chart - Credit: Jeffrey Connell