"Ozo society"

Nze na Ozo Society  is a traditional patriarchal institution that confers the Ozo title to deserving, qualified men; generally these men and boys derive from wealthy families. Members abide by moral codes of truth, justice, and fairness, as reflected by the bonds their words of loyalty represent and the sacred uprightness of the position they uphold in the community. The Nze na Ozo Society live by the Igbo maxim, Eziokwu bu Ndu (truth is the basis of existence), and care for everything that is sacred and traditional in a community.

The Nze (an inductee of the Nze na Ozo Society) maintains the highest position in the social hierarchy of their respective town. The process to become formally initiated requires many steps: a) a nod from the patrilineal family; b) approval of his kindred through an elaborate spiritual and secular convivial ceremony; c) further ceremonies at the village level; d) public conferment, declaration, and celebration of the induction into the Nze na Ozo Society; and e) the assumption of a new, dignified name.