Page 106. " Ekwefi had a feeling of spacious openness, and she guessed they must be on the village ilo, or playground. "

The ilo or the village green is where assemblies for sports and discussions take place.

Page 110. " On the following morning the entire neighborhood wore a festive air because Okonkwo's friend, Obrierika, was celebrating his daughter's uri. "

An uri is a part of the wedding and betrothal ceremonies in which the dowry is paid by the suitor and given to the bride's father.

Page 112. " Cooking Pots went up and down the tripods, and foo-foo was pounded in a hundred wooden mortars. "

Malagasy pounding rice 01.jpg
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMalagasy pounding rice 01.jpg - Credit: Paul Atkinson


Igbo cooking pot
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeIgbo cooking pot - Credit: Ann Porteus
Page 115. " Some of it also went to the bride and her attendant maidens, who were putting the last delicate touches of razor to her coiffure and cam wood to her smooth skin. "


Igbo Coiffure
Public DomainIgbo Coiffure - Credit: Onitaset Kumat


A coiffure is a hair style for women that is typically used in ceremonies, such as weddings.




Igbo Coiffure (167 * 240)
Public DomainIgbo Coiffure - Credit: Onitaset Kumat
Page 118. " There were also pots of yam pottage. "

Traditional Igbo dish made for special occasions and the biggest and best feasts. Special because of the yam tubers used in the making of it. It is also called Asaro or Ebe.

IKOKORE (Water-yam pottage) serves 4. Wonderfully delicious made with grated water yam and favourite of ljebu's from Western Nigeria.

INGREDIENT: l kg/2lb water-yam 1 medium size smoked dry fish 1 onion (ground) 100g/4oz fresh pepper (ground) 1oz iru 570ml palm-oil 2 tablespoon tomato puree salt to taste.

Peel the yam, cut into medium chunks, wash thoroughly and grate into a clean bowl. Season with salt and leave aside. Pour the stock into a clean pot add other ingredients and boil for 30 minutes. Reduce heat and scoop small handfuls of grated yam into the simmering soup to form dumplings, using up all the yam mixture. Place lid on pot and gently simmer for 30 minutes until yam is cooked. Check seasoning and serve hot.

Page 118. " Her brass anklets rattled as she danced and her body gleamed with cam wood in the soft yellow light "

A leader of the village dances
Public DomainA leader of the village dances - Credit: H. M. Whiteside

Igbo brass anklet.jpg
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeIgbo brass anklet.jpg - Credit: Pigsonthewing

Camwood is a small African tree that can be used to make red dye.

Page 119. " But when I hold her waist beads / She pretends not to know "
Objeto sagrado do candomble 001.JPG
Public DomainObjeto sagrado do candomble 001.JPG - Credit: Toluaye

Waist beads are worn under clothes and have multiple meanings; they are sometimes used in healing processes, they can be used to attract a husband, or show rites of passage.


Page 121. " Go-di-di-go-go-di-go. Di-go-go-di-go. It was the ekwe talking to the clan. One of the things every man learned was the language of the hollowed-out wooden instrument. "

The ekwe is a traditional Igbo drum with rectangular slits on the exterior of the drum. The interior of the instrument is completely hollowed out. Most commonly made from the trunk of a tree, the ekwe comes in a variety of designs and sizes, depending on its purpose.

Ekwe Igbo drum
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeEkwe Igbo drum - Credit: infomatique
Page 122. " Many years ago another egwugwu had dared to stand his ground before him…this one had only one hand and carried a full basket of water. "

There are different types of egwugwu, some violent some harmless. An egwugwu being an ancestral spirit came around when there was a death and made an appearance at the funeral; either good or bad and after it is said they go back to the underworld. 

Page 124. " The crime was of two kinds, male and female. "

In Igbo culture, a female crime is a crime commited by accident, while a male crime is one that was committed on purpose.  In the novel, Okonkwo commits a female crime when he kills someone on accident. This portrays weakness.