"if any tombs are worth inspecting, they are the tombs and monuments in Bisham Church"

The narrator, J., does his best to distract his friend Harris, who is very keen to visit monuments in the churches they pass. Visiting such monuments is not to  J.’s taste, though he concedes that Bisham church may be worth a visit. All Saints Church at Bisham stands right on the bank of the Thames.

All Saints Church, Bisham, on the Thames
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeAll Saints Church, Bisham, on the Thames - Credit: Motmit, Wikimedia Commons
All Saints church, Bisham
GNU Free Documentation LicenseAll Saints church, Bisham - Credit: Marie Griffiths

Much of the early church was destroyed during heavy-handed restoration in 1849, but a 16th-century chapel survives. This is known as the Hoby Chapel because of a spectacular collection of monuments belonging to that family, including one of Lady Elizabeth Hoby who died in 1609.