Page 105. " Maidenhead itself is too snobby to be pleasant "
Brunel's railway bridge at Maidenhead
Public DomainBrunel's railway bridge at Maidenhead - Credit: Library of Congress

Maidenhead has always been important in terms of transport links, with the Brunel railway bridge crossing the Thames here, as well as the road from London to Bath, with many coaching inns in the town.

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Page 108. " put up for the night at the Crown "

The Crown Inn at Marlow in the Market Place has in recent years been renamed The Market Bar. The Thames Pilot website features many illustrations relating to the Thames, including a picture of this pub around 1900, under the name Town Hall Crown Hotel.

Page 108. " Marlow is one of the pleasantest river centres I know of "
Thames at Marlow around 1900
Public DomainThames at Marlow around 1900 - Credit: Library of Congress

Jerome K. Jerome lived near the Thames at Marlow in his later life.


Thames at Marlow
Creative Commons AttributionThames at Marlow - Credit: j.miall, Flickr
Page 109. " if any tombs are worth inspecting, they are the tombs and monuments in Bisham Church "

The narrator, J., does his best to distract his friend Harris, who is very keen to visit monuments in the churches they pass. Visiting such monuments is not to  J.’s taste, though he concedes that Bisham church may be worth a visit. All Saints Church at Bisham stands right on the bank of the Thames.

All Saints Church, Bisham, on the Thames
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeAll Saints Church, Bisham, on the Thames - Credit: Motmit, Wikimedia Commons
All Saints church, Bisham
GNU Free Documentation LicenseAll Saints church, Bisham - Credit: Marie Griffiths

Much of the early church was destroyed during heavy-handed restoration in 1849, but a 16th-century chapel survives. This is known as the Hoby Chapel because of a spectacular collection of monuments belonging to that family, including one of Lady Elizabeth Hoby who died in 1609.

Page 109. " The famous Medmenham monks, or Hell Fire Club "
Medmenham Abbey
Creative Commons AttributionMedmenham Abbey - Credit: Graham Horn

The Hell-fire club was one name given to the mid-18th century club of Sir Francis Dashwood. It was known by various other names, including the Monks of Medmenham, as meetings were held in Medmenham Abbey on the Thames.


Page 111. " Fox-terriers are born with about four times as much original sin "

Montmorency is a fox-terrier, who accompanies the three on their Thames trip. At Marlow he gets involved with a cat, and Jerome typically digresses with an incident in London involving another fox-terrier and various other dogs, who caused a chaotic scene.

Fox terrier and kitten
Public DomainFox terrier and kitten - Credit: Prskavka, Wikimedia Commons
Page 115. " It was just before the Henley week "

The week-long rowing regatta on the Thames at Henley is still a major summer sporting event.

Henley regatta around 1890
Public DomainHenley regatta around 1890 - Credit: Library of Congress
Page 115. " I do hate steam-launches "



There are now very few steamboats on the Thames, but the SL Nuneham is a Victorian example, built in 1898, that has been restored.

Page 118. " We went up the backwater to Wargrave "
Wind in the Willows scene on a sculpture in Norwich
Creative Commons AttributionWind in the Willows scene on a sculpture in Norwich - Credit: mira66, Flickr

 Wargrave is a picturesque riverside village. This stretch of river is said to be one of the inspirations for Kenneth Grahame's book Wind in the Willows.



Page 121. " Tennyson was married in Shiplake Church "
Alfred Tennyson
Public DomainAlfred Tennyson - Credit: Library of Congress

On 13th June 1850, the poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson married Emily Sellwood in the parish church of St Peter and St Paul, Shiplake.


Page 121. " It is a veritable picture of an old country inn "
Bull Inn, Sonning
Creative Commons AttributionBull Inn, Sonning - Credit: rightee, Flickr

The picturesque Bull Inn is on the High Street of Sonning, Berkshire, close to the Thames. Dating to the 16th century, it looks like everyone's idea of a traditional English pub.

Thames at Sonning around 1890
Public DomainThames at Sonning around 1890 - Credit: Library of Congress
Page 122. " George said it was absurd to have only four potatoes in an Irish stew "
Irish stew
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeIrish stew - Credit: Charles Haynes

The main ingredients of Irish stew are meat and potatoes, with any other vegetables to hand, but definitely not with any old leftovers thrown in.