Page 154. " the Oxford Club make use of it for their trial eights "

There are 550 rowing clubs affiliated to the organisation British Rowing, and over 40 per cent of these are on the River Thames, from Oxford University to Putney. The Oxford Trial Eights are in preparation for the famous annual Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford.There is a River and Rowing Museum at Henley-on-Thames.

Page 155. " For myself, I am fond of locks "
Cookham lock
GNU Free Documentation LicenseCookham lock - Credit: robneild, Wikimedia

There are forty-five locks controlling the non-tidal part of the River Thames.


Goring lock
Creative Commons AttributionGoring lock - Credit: timo w2s, Flickr
Page 158. " Dorchester is a delightfully peaceful old place, nestling in stillness and silence and drowsiness "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDorchester-on-Thames - Credit: Colin Smith
The historic village of Dorchester-on-Thames lies 9 miles south of Oxford, at the confluence of the Rivers Thame and Thames.
Page 158. " the quaintest, most old-world inn up the river "
Barley Mow interior
Creative Commons AttributionBarley Mow interior - Credit: Steve Parker


The Barley Mow at Clifton Hampden is still a picturesque pub, despite many changes since late Victorian times.

Barley Mow, Clifton Hampden
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBarley Mow, Clifton Hampden - Credit: Stephen McKay


Page 159. " Nuneham Park is well worth a visit "
Harcourt Arboretum
Creative Commons AttributionHarcourt Arboretum - Credit: OxOx, Flickr


Nuneham Park is the Thameside grounds belonging to the Palladian Nuneham House. The park was requisitioned in World War 2, and part of it has since become the Harcourt Arboretum of Oxford University. The original village of Nuneham Courtenay was forcibly relocated in 1760 by the lord of the manor, because the old medieval buildings spoiled the view from the house.


Page 166. " commenced to play Two Lovely Black Eyes "

The song Two Lovely Black Eyes was a music-hall parody of another song. Written and made famous by Charles Coborn, it was extremely popular and well known. Jerome uses it to imply that George's banjo playing is so awful that even with a funny song, it reduces grown men to tears by the end of the first verse.

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Page 167. " Why, the Alhambra would be almost more lively "
The Alhambra in Leicester Square, 1874
Public DomainThe Alhambra in Leicester Square, 1874 - Credit: Illustrated London News

The Alhambra in Leicester Square was originally constructed in an exotic eastern style and was known as the Royal Panopticon of Science and Art. It was later renamed the Alhambra Palace and in 1860 became a music hall, as well as a famous venue for staging ballets. After a devastating fire in 1882, the Alhambra was rebuilt in a less spectacular style, and it is here that the three men go to see a show, followed by a decent supper, after they deserted their boat at Pangbourne.

Odeon, Leicester Square
Public DomainOdeon, Leicester Square - Credit: Danjamz, Wikimedia Commons

The Alhambra closed in 1936 and was demolished, to be replaced by the Odeon Leicester Square, originally a live theatre but now a cinema where many celebrity opening nights take place, a fitting end for Three Men in a Boat.