"He began formally: My name is George Washington Crosby. I was born in West Cove, Maine, in the year 1915."

One of the inspirations for Tinkers’ setting is northern Maine, where Harding’s maternal grandfather grew up and lived. Harding’s fictional West Cove, Maine is modeled on towns in the Maine Highlands and Moosehead Lake region: Greenville, Garland, and Dexter.  

The North Woods region of Maine – its remote beauty with lakes and forests, and its harsh climate – bred a down-to-earth individualism in those who lived there, particularly in the early days.

Moosehead Lake, Currier & Ives,1872-1874
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumMoosehead Lake, Currier & Ives,1872-1874 - Credit: University of Southern Maine, Osher Map Library-Hamilton Collection