"The escapement on a clock consists of a collar on a pinion called a pallet, and an escape wheel located at the top of the clock’s works."

Escapement, collar, going train, striking train, gathering pallet, mallet, mainspring, arbor – this is the precise and meticulous language of clocks. Thus begins the third excerpt from The Reasonable Horologist.

The 1889 "Clock Jobber’s Handybook: A Practical Manual on Cleaning, Repairing, and Adjusting" by Paul Nooncree Hasluck, is a fascinating clockworks manual with “upwards of one hundred illustrations”. 

A contemporary and highly detailed example of the craft of clock making, is the luxury AP Calibre 3120 watch by Audemars Piguet, one of the leading houses in Swiss watchmaking. In this review, Suitbert Walter analyzes the art and exquisite craftsmanship involved.