"The curing house was at the end of another turnoff along the dirt tracks that led from the main road (which was dirt as well, this far out of town, but of well-packed and -tended dirt) to the Morrells’."

The curing shed is just one of several outbuildings that would have been common on a 19th century farm, including: storage sheds, barns, stables, granary, corn crib, root cellar, smoke house, ice house, tobacco barns, pack house, wash house, lye hopper, cider press.

Curing refers to various methods of food preservation (common in the days before refrigeration), and includes drying, salting and smoking. Curing also refers to the process of aging tobacco in special barns lined with racks for hanging bundles of leaves. In smokehouses, meat and fish are smoked for days by burning wood on the ground beneath the meat.