"And the way the clouds moved, mostly invisible, above the canopy of trees, now revealing the full light of the sun, now obscuring it, now diffusing it, reflecting it, and the way it sparkled and trickled and gushed and flooded and spun, and the way the wind dispersed it even more among the flickering leaves and twitching grass, all combined to make Howard feel as if he were walking through a kaleidoscope."
Fractal-like Geometry of Frost on a Window
Public DomainFractal-like Geometry of Frost on a Window - Credit: Mark A. Wilson

Howard’s father has been taken away by four men in black coats. In a state of shock, Howard searches for traces of his father in the woods. As he makes his way toward Tagg Pond, he experiences his first epileptic seizure; his vision shatters and splinters as though he is looking through the lens of a kaleidoscope

Some pre-epileptic auras are described as visual star showers, waves of color, flower-like, abstracted patterns that are almost fractal in nature. Fractal geometry finds underlying patterns and forms in nature – clouds, snowflakes, ocean waves, the nautilus shell, leaves and tree branches –these patterns can resemble the faceted images seen in a kaleidoscope.