"All the clocks in the room had wound down – the tambours and carriage clocks on the mantel, the banjo and mirror and Viennese regulator on the walls, the Chelsea ship’s bells on the rolltop desk"

 “A person who repairs clocks must have the ability to concentrate on sounds and listening. They must listen to the gears, listen to the sound of the mainspring winding, and the sound of the ratchet clicking as the clock mechanism is wound… A ratchet has a certain sound when it is working correctly. A solid sound. Not a tight sound, and not a loose sound; a solid sound.” – An Essay on Clock Repair, David Tarsi, 2002 – “Notes From the Bench”, An Online Clock Repair Technical Journal. 

In Buddhist meditation, calm mindfulness is achieved through concentration on breathing or a repeated sound: a mantra or the ticking of a clock. In their measured ticking and chiming, Howard's clocks – the grandfather, the carriage, the banjo, tambours and Chelsea ship's bells , the Viennese regulator and Ogee – "...did not seem to him to tick but to breathe and to give one another comfort..."