"things like 'Drink Up, Boys!', and 'Sweethearts and Wives', which the likes of G.H. Macdermott had already made famous"

Gilbert Hastings MacDermott (1845-1901) was a singer, theatrical agent and music hall manager; he was particularly well-known for his spirited rendering of a song called the Jingo War Song.

There does not appear to be any information on the internet about the song Drink Up, Boys!

Treble clef
Public DomainTreble clef - Credit: Adam Arredondo, Wikimedia Commons

Sweethearts and Wives (also known as A New Sea Song), an undated sea-shanty, starts like this:

Our bosun calls out for his bold British heroes:

Come listen a while to what I do sing.

Let every man toss off his full bumper,

And drink a good health unto George our king.

And drink a good health to Suke, Moll and Kitty;

With mirth and good liquor we’ll lead merry lives.

We will not be afraid to kiss or to venture

On Saturday night to our sweethearts and wives.


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