"Had she ever met Nelly Power? Did she know Bessie Bellwood, or Jenny Hill, or Jolly John Nash?"

Nelly Power
Public DomainNelly Power - Credit: Lock & Whitfield
 Nelly Power was a 19th Century star of the British Music Hall (see: bookmark, p.12);

Bessie Bellwood (1856-1896), whose real name was Catherine Mahoney, was also a Music Hall performer, particularly well known for her rendition of the song What Cheer Ria;

Jenny Hill (1850-1896) was another Music Hall star, known by the nickname The Vital Spark;

Jolly John Nash (1830-1901) was a Music Hall singer and comedian; he was famous for his laughing songs, such as The Nice Old Maids and The Little Brown Jug,  and was an accomplished player of the cornet and concertina.




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