"who said, quite absurdly, that I was too little to go to London, and would be run down by a tram"
Horse-drawn tram (c.1890)
Public DomainHorse-drawn tram (c.1890) - Credit: unknown

A tram or tramcar is a public transport vehicle which runs on tracks built into the road.

The first trams in London, which were horse-drawn, came into operation in 1860; the first electrically-driven trams were introduced in 1901.

Another form of horse-drawn public transport in London was the omnibus, introduced in 1829 by George Shilliber. The vehicles were initially known as Shillibers or omnibuses (later shortened to buses).

The era of the horse-drawn omnibus finally came to an end in 1911.

Horse-drawn omnibus (1902)
Public DomainHorse-drawn omnibus (1902) - Credit: Henry Charles Moore