"the Great Vance"
Tobacco label (1869) depicting 'The Young Swell'
Public DomainTobacco label (1869) depicting 'The Young Swell' - Credit: Hatch & Co., N.Y.

Alfred Peek Stevens (1839-1888) was a music hall singer and comedian; he was also known as Alfred Vance, the Great Vance and Alfred Grenville.

Vance was a great rival of George Leybourne, another star of the music halls, who was the author of the song Champagne Charlie (1867).

Both men are seen as representatives of the Lion Comique style, whereby performers played the part of 'swells' – fashionable, swaggering young men who enjoyed the high life. To a large extent, the Lion Comique concept was modelled on the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII). 

The rivalry betweeen the two performers was the subject of the 1944 film Champagne Charlie, in which George Leybourne is played by Tommy Trinder and the Great Vance by Stanley Holloway.

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