"Jolly John Nash, posed as 'Rackity Jack'"
The Prince of Wales (later, Edward VII)
Public DomainThe Prince of Wales (later, Edward VII) - Credit: Arthur J. Melhuish

 Jolly John Nash (1830-1901) was a well-known music hall performer, renowned for his laughing songs, such as The Nice Old Maids and The Little Brown Jug. (see also: bookmark, p.49)

Rackety Jack was a song sung by both Jolly John Nash and Arthur Lloyd, another star of the Victorian music hall.

Apparently, when Arthur Lloyd and Jolly John Nash performed for the Prince of Wales and his friends in 1868 (in what was known as a command performance), Jolly John's rendering of  Rackety Jack went down a storm.


Extract from Rackety Jack:

Hey! Hi! Here stop! Waiter, wait. Fizz, pop!

I'm Rackety Jack, no money I lack,

And I'm the boy for a spree.