"What think you of peg-top trousers"
Skirt of a dress in the 'pegged' style (1914)
Public DomainSkirt of a dress in the 'pegged' style (1914) - Credit: Bain News Services

Peg-top trousers are very full and baggy at the hips, and narrow at the ankles.

They were an element of male fashion from the early 19th Century onwards, when men first began to wear trousers.

In the early 20th Century, pegging (creating fullness at the hips and narrowness at the ankles) became popular in the design of women's skirts; peg-top skirts were similar to, although not identical to the hobble skirt.

Peg-top trousers (sometimes known as carrot-tops) have been worn by women from the mid-20th Century to the present time.

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