"Fannie Leslie, Fanny Robina, Bessie Bonehill, Millie Hylton"
Gaiety Theatre London (late 1920s)
Creative Commons AttributionGaiety Theatre London (late 1920s) - Credit: Michiel2005, Flickr

Fannie Leslie was a music hall performer who toured America between 1870 and 1877. She is reputed to have sung a song about 'a hooped skirt' (a crinoline?) at the Oxford Music Hall on Oxford Street, London in 1893.

Fanny Robina was a music hall 'masher' (male impersonator). She made it as far as Melbourne in 1886 with the London Gaiety Theatre when she played the lead role in Little Jack Sheppard. She also appeared as Faust in the Gaiety Theatre's production of Faust up to Date in 1888.

Bessie Bonehill (1855-1902) was a male impersonator, comedienne and burlesque actress. Originally from West Bromwich, she achieved music hall fame in both London and New York and earned the nickname England's Gem. She also became the owner of a 600-acre estate on New York's Long Island, so she was clearly not as tuppeny-ha'penny as Mr Bliss would have us believe!

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Millie Hylton (1870-1920), whose real name was Sarah Rudge, was one of The Rudge Sisters, a group of actresses and dancers from Birmingham. She later developed a solo career as a male impersonator. On one occasion she played opposite Cissy Loftus in Don Juan at the Gaiety Theatre, London.

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