"with Marie Lloyd as an accompaniment"

Matilda Alice Victoria Wood (1870-1922), better-known as Marie Lloyd,  was one of the most famous British music hall stars. She began performing in the mid-1880s and worked up until her death in 1922.

One of her most famous songs was The Boy I Love is Up in the Gallery which she famously 'stole' from Nelly Power.

Other songs in her repertoire included A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good, Oh! Mr Porter and Wink the Other Eye.

Many of Marie Lloyd's songs contained double entendres, and she was renowned for her lewd and suggestive style of presentation; a characteristic that sometimes led to her getting into trouble with the authorities. 

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Listen on Spotify to Marie Lloyd singing: A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good

Listen on Spotify to another song made famous by Marie Lloyd: Oh! Mr Porter.