"half-a-dozen pygmy horses"

A mini working as a guide horse
Creative Commons AttributionA mini working as a guide horse - Credit: DanDee Shots, Wikimedia Commons

 Pygmy horses, now generally known as miniature horses or minis, are horses specially bred for their small size: their height is between 34 and 38 inches (86-97 cms).

Miniature horses have been bred throughout the world over many centuries, particularly in Europe and the Americas.

They are kept as family pets and sometimes used as assistance animals for people with disabilities, although this is somewhat controversial.

In the past they were used in coalmines in Europe and America in the same way as pit ponies, and as performing horses in travelling circuses and carnivals; they may occasionally still be seen in circuses today. 


Miniature horse
Creative Commons AttributionMiniature horse - Credit: Jean, Flickr