Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel (Australian-style!)
Creative Commons AttributionSmoked salmon and cream cheese bagel (Australian-style!) - Credit: David Jackmanson, Flickr

Bagels are ring-shaped rolls with a tough, chewy texture; they are made from yeast dough dropped briefly into boiling water before baking.

They originated in the Polish Jewish community, and have been introduced into many other cultures by Jewish immigrants.

In New York City, which has a large Jewish population, bagels served with smoked salmon (lox) and cream cheese have achieved almost iconic status.

Bagels (often spelt beigels) were also available in the Brick Lane area of London during the 19th Century, as Whitechapel and Spitalfields (now in the Borough of Tower Hamlets) had a significant Jewish population.


Brick Lane, as it is today
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBrick Lane, as it is today - Credit: Justinc, Wikimedia Commons