"a creamy homburg with a trim"
Painting of Hugo Reisinger holding a Homburg (1907)
Public DomainPainting of Hugo Reisinger holding a Homburg (1907) - Credit: Anders Zorn (1860-1920)
A homburg is a felt hat with a soft dented crown and a fixed upturned brim; typically, it has a hatband and trim made out of grosgrain. A feather on the brim is optional.

The homburg originated in 1890 after Prince Edward (later King Edward VII) had a hat of this type made for himself whilst on holiday in Bad Homburg in Germany.

During the 1930s, the Conservative cabinet minister Anthony Eden (who served as British Prime Minister between 1955 and 1957) favoured a black homburg, resulting in the hat being known as an 'Anthony Eden'. It is also sometimes known as 'the godfather hat' because of its association with American gangster films.

Homburgs are generally black, grey or brown, so Nan King's cream homburg, as befitted her special status, was distinctively different.