"I was the French Marianne, with a Phyrgian cap and a flag"
Bust of Marian wearing a Phrygian cap
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBust of Marian wearing a Phrygian cap - Credit: F. Lamiot, Wikimedia Commons
Marianne, who symbolises Liberty and Reason, is the national emblem of the French Republic.

She is often depicted wearing the soft cone-shaped cap known as a Phrygian cap (not Phyrgian), which became a symbol of liberty during the French Revolution; in French, it is known as a bonnet rouge.

The national flag of France, which is red, white and blue, is known as the tricolour (Fr. drapeau tricolore).


French tricolour
GNU Free Documentation LicenseFrench tricolour - Credit: ChrisO, Wikimedia Commons