"The week after that I was Salome"
Illustration from 'Salomé'
Public DomainIllustration from 'Salomé' - Credit: Aubrey Beardsley

Salome was the daughter of Herodias and Herod Antipas. She is referred to in the Bible (although not by name) and in a text called Jewish Antiquities.

She is infamous for having caused the death of John the Baptist, whose head was delivered to Salome's mother on a platter.

Oscar Wilde wrote a one-act play, and Richard Strauss an opera, called Salomé; she has also been the subject of artwork by Gustave Moreau and Aubrey Beardsley.



Illustrated cover of 'Salomé'
Public DomainIllustrated cover of 'Salomé' - Credit: Oscar Wilde/Aubrey Beardsley