"like the halo on a Flemish madonna"
Flemish-influenced 15th Century Madonna
Public DomainFlemish-influenced 15th Century Madonna - Credit: Stefan Lochner

A halo is a luminous disc or ring of light which surrounds the head of certain figures, such as the Virgin Mary (the Madonna) and saints, in religious paintings.

Flemish art, which flourished between the early 15th and mid 17th Centuries, is the work of painters from the ancient County of Flanders, which comprised parts of Belgium, the Netherlands and northwest France.

Some of the best known Flemish artists are Jan van Eyck; members of the Brueghel family (Jan and Pieter); Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck.


15th Century Flemish Madonna
Public Domain15th Century Flemish Madonna - Credit: attributed to van der Weyden (or his school)