Page 101. " the lights of the Embankment "
The Victoria Embankment (c.1930)
Public DomainThe Victoria Embankment (c.1930) - Credit: unknown
The Thames Embankment is a road and walkway along the north bank of the River Thames.

It consists of two sections: the Victoria Embankment and the Chelsea Embankment.

As Nan and Kitty are at Lambeth Bridge, looking towards the Houses of Parliament, they would be seeing the lights of the Victoria Embankment.

Page 101. " the great dark jagged bulk of the Houses of Parliament "
The Palace of Westminster at night
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Palace of Westminster at night - Credit: DAVID ILIFF, Wikimedia Commons


The Houses of Parliament, in the Palace of Westminster, are situated on the north bank of the River Thames.

The British Parliament consists of two houses: the House of Commons (sometimes known as the lower house) and the House of Lords (sometimes known as the upper house).

Page 101. " right down from here to Richmond "


The Thames at Richmond
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Thames at Richmond - Credit: DAVID ILIFF, Wikimedia Commons


Richmond is a suburban town in southwest London, situated on the banks of the River Thames.


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Page 109. " 'In a house, in a square, in a quadrant,' she sang "
Poster for the Rex Parade, 1872
Public DomainPoster for the Rex Parade, 1872 - Credit: unknown

The opening lines of the song If Ever I Cease to Love, written by George Leybourne in 1871.

This song now has associations with the New Orleans Mardi Gras as it is the signature tune of the New Orleans Carnival Krewe* known as the Rex Krewe, founded in 1872.

*an organisation that puts on a parade, or arranges a ball, for a carnival.

Listen on Spotify to an instrumental version of If Ever I Cease to Love.

Page 109. " This was an old song of George Leybourne's "
Treble Clef
Jo Sanders (1842-1884), generally known as George Leybourne, was a British music hall performer.

As mentioned previously, he was a Lion Comique, the author of the song Champagne Charlie, and arch-rival of the Great Vance.

He also wrote the lyrics for the song The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze.

Follow this link and this link to see images of George Leybourne.

Page 113. " she was a rabbit-skinner in the New Cut! "

The New Cut was the former name of the London street now called The Cut. 

It runs from Waterloo Road in the west to Blackfriars Road in the East, and is the site of both the Old Vic and Young Vic Theatres.


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Page 116. " the one about strolling through Piccadilly "

It is not clear to which song this refers.

Any ideas?

Page 124. " For our debut at Camberwell "

Camberwell is an area of south London in the London Borough of Southwark.


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Follow this link to read more about music halls in Camberwell.