Page 333. " the Edgware Road "

The Edgware Road runs from Marble Arch to Edgware, a suburb of North London, after which it continues as the A5.

'Edgware Road' is also the informal name for an area which extends from Cumberland Gate and the north east corner of Hyde Park in the south to the Marylebone flyover in the north.


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Page 336. " at the top of Maida Vale "

Little Venice
Public DomainLittle Venice - Credit: Charlesdrakew, Wikimedia Commons
 Maida Vale is an affluent residential area of west London, situated btween St John's Wood and Kilburn.

Its rather unusual name stems from the Battle of Maida, fought between the British and the French not far from the town of Maida in Italy in 1806.

The area known as Little Venice is part of Maida Vale.



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Page 340. " I walked rather quickly up Pentonville Hill "

Pentonville is an area of London situated in the Borough of Islington; its focal point is the Pentonville Road.

It is the location of a well-known mens' prison.


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Page 343. " Quilter Street, Bethnal Green, London E. "


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Page 344. " If you take a bus from here to Aldgate "

Aldgate was the name given to the easternmost gateway of the London Wall, the defensive structure built by the Romans around Londinium.

Today, Aldgate and Aldgate High Street are two streets in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets; Aldgate and Aldgate East are London underground stations. 


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Page 345. " I had been told by the tea-girl at the Angel to head for Columbia Market "
Columbia Road Market
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeColumbia Road Market - Credit: John Davies, Wikimedia Commons

Today, Angel is a district of London in the Borough of Islington. During the period in which Tipping the Velvet is set, the Angel was a coaching inn, situated on the corner of Pentonville Road and Islington High Street.

The inn was rebuilt in 1899 and subsequently became a Lyons Corner House, which closed in 1959; the building is now a bank.

Columbia Market is a street flower market, on Sundays only, on Columbia Road (off Hackney Road) in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Prior to 1886 it was a covered market; the building which housed the market was not demolished until 1958. 


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