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Page 87. " the not-so-nice ones - Foresters, and the Sebright "

Foresters' Music Hall (also known as The Royal Foresters') was situated on Cambridge Heath Road in the Mile End area of London's East End.

The building had been the Artichoke public house, and was converted into a music hall in 1875. It closed down in 1917 but was not demolished until 1965.

Follow this link to see a picture of the Foresters' following its closure, and to read more of its history.

Sebrights Music Hall was situated at 28 Coate Street in the Bethnal Green area of London's East End. Originally a pub called the Sebright Arms, it was converted into a music hall in 1885; at various stages of its history it was known as Sebright's Palace of Varieties, the Belmont Music Hall and the Regent Theatre.

Follow this link to read more about the history of the area.


Location of Cambridge Heath and Coate Street: