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Kent, England


Whitstable Beach
Creative Commons AttributionWhitstable Beach - Credit: Steve Weaver


Position of Kent (marked red) in England
GNU Free Documentation LicensePosition of Kent (marked red) in England - Credit: Morwen, Wikimedia Commons

The early part of Tipping the Velvet takes place largely in the town of Whitstable in Kent. There are numerous references to other towns in Kent, including Canterbury, Chatham, Margate, Dover, Faversham and Rochester.

Kent is a county in southeast England. It is often referred to as one of the home counties, and shares borders with East Sussex, Surrey, Essex and Greater London.



Whitstable is a coastal town in northeast Kent, about 5 miles from Canterbury. As well as being famous for its oysters and its oyster festival, it is also a popular seaside resort. One of its most distinctive landmarks is The Street, a sandbar accessible at low tide which separates Tankerton and Whitstable and extends about half a mile out into the sea.


The Street, at sunset
Creative Commons AttributionThe Street, at sunset - Credit: mrMark, Flickr