"Oliver Optic,Victor Appleton and Edgar Rice Burroughs"

 These are writers from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Oliver Optic is the pseudonym for the noted academic, author, and state legislator William Taylor Adams. He was born on 30th July 1822 in the state of Massachusetts, and died on 27th March 1897. Adams used the pseudonym Oliver Optic to publish many books for boys, including Indoors and Out (1855), Hatchie, the Guardian Slave (1853) and The Boat Club (also 1855). See here for more about Adams' works.

 Victor Appleton was a house pseudonym (meaning it was used by many authors) of the company Stratemeyer Syndicate. Their most famous works are the novels of Tom Swift.

About the Tom Swift series 

 Edgar Rice Burroughs was born on 1st September 1875, and died on 19th March 1950. His best known work is Tarzan, and the Mars adventurer John Carter. Burroughs also wrote science fiction and fantasy stories involving adventurers from Earth being transported to various other planets and lost islands.

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