"where johnson grass and rabbit tobacco grew in abundance"
johnson grass
GNU Free Documentation Licensejohnson grass - Credit: countyofkings.com
rabbit tobacco
GNU Free Documentation Licenserabbit tobacco - Credit: wildflowers.ed

Johnson grass, also known by its scientific name Sorghum halepense, is a weed native to the Mediterranean, although it also grows in the Middle East and America. It thrives in open, disturbed land, particularly in rich, cultivated fields.

Rabbit tobacco is also known as Gaphalium obtusifolium. It is a herb that can reach a height of 1-3 feet, with leaves 1-3 inches long. Fields, pastures, and disturbed areas are the sites of this common plant, native to the eastern United States. This herb can be used medicinally; for example, smoking the leaves is good for sinusitis and head colds. As a hot tea, it is used to treat illnesses like sore throats, diarrhea, pneumonia and asthma, as well as being a mild nerve sedative and an antispasmodic. My grandmother said it was most often used in her home as a salve made of lard and ground up leaves.