Page 251. " She carried a tray of charlotte. "

charlotte cake
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A charlotte cake is lined with sponge fingers and topped with fruit, normally peach slices.  The cake is served cold with whipped cream.

The name comes from the Old English word "charlyt", meaning "a dish of custard."

Page 253. " be they Baptists or Presbyterians "

 Presbyterianism is a Christian denomination based on Calvinism.  It emphasises the sovereignty of God, the importance of following the scriptures and the necessity of grace (being moral and pure) through faith in Christ.

Presbyterianism evolved in Scotland in 1707; the church has 'elders' rather than bishops, specially commissioned non-clergy who take part in local pastoral care and decision-making at all levels.

Baptists are a different Christian denomination, one which emphasises infant baptism, salvation through faith alone, and the supremacy of Scripture. The earliest Baptist church has been traced to Amsterdam in 1609.

Both churches are forms of Protestantism.

Page 269. " singing Sweetly sings the Donkey and pronouncing it Dunkey "


Page 269. " old Adolf Hitler has been after the Jews and he's puttin' 'em in prisons "
Buchenwald concentration camp
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The Holocaust (from Greek words meaning "whole-burnt") was the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II by the Nazis and their leader Adolf Hitler. The "prisons" were concentration camps, in which Jews were used for slave labor and then exterminated in gas chambers.

The Nazis also systematically murdered ethnic Poles, disabled people, homosexuals, and people of opposing political or religious views. Including these groups, the total number of Holocaust victims was between 11 million and 17 million people.

Miss Gates condemns Hitler for his prejudice against the Jews whilst she herself is prejudiced against African-Americans.