"Which certain droll authors have been facetiously pleased to call The History of England"
The History of England
Public DomainThe History of England - Credit: John Oldmixon

John Oldmixon (1673-1742) was an English historian from Somerset.  His Critical History of England (1724-1726) is recognised to be a very biased work, and it generated considerable controversy.  He followed this with History of England during the Reigns of the Royal House of Stuart (1730); the History of England during the Reigns of William and Mary, Anne and George I (1735); and the History of England during the Reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth (1739).

The Critical history of England is subtitled, "wherein the errors of the monkish writers, and others before the Reformation, are expos'd and corrected. As are also the deficiency and partiality of later historians. And particular notice is taken of the History of the grand rebellion. And Mr. Echard's History of England. With remarks on some objections made to Bishop Burnet's History of his times, and the characters of Archdeacon Echard's authors."