"the famous hole in the wall was by Thisbe of old "
Public DomainThisbe - Credit: John William Waterhouse

Pyramus and Thisbe were lovers in Roman mythology. Their tale is told by Ovid in Metamorphoses. 

The lovers live in Babylon, in connected houses. They are forbidden by their parents to wed, because of their families' rivalry. Through a crack in the wall between their houses, they whisper their love for each other. One day, they arrange to meet under a mulberry tree.  Thisbe arrives first, but finds a lioness with mouth bloody from a recent kill. She flees, leaving behind her veil. The lioness mutilates the veil, so that when Pyramus arrives he thinks the lioness has killed his love.  Pyramus falls upon his sword.  Thisbe returns and, finding Pyramus dead, stabs herself with the same sword.