"Sir John Suckling's description in those lines "
Sir John Suckling
Public DomainSir John Suckling - Credit: Sir Anthony Van Dyck

Sir John Suckling (1609 - 1642) was an English poet, known for careless gaiety and wit.  A collection of his poems was first published in 1646 as Fragmenta aurea.  He is best known for his poem "Ballad upon a Wedding,” on the marriage of Roger Boyle and Lady Margaret Howard.  Fielding quotes these lines from Ballad:

Her lips were red, and one was thin;

Compared with that was next her chin,

Some bee had stung it newly.

Suckling also invented the card game Cribbage.  He is said to have sent numerous packs of marked playing cards to the aristocratic houses of England, and then to have travelled the country playing cribbage with the gentry, winning around £20,000 (an amount equivalent to £4 million today).