"King Alcinous, in Mr. Pope's Odyssey"

Pope's translation of Homer's Odyssey
Public DomainPope's translation of Homer's Odyssey - Credit: Alexander Pope
Alcinous means "mighty mind."  Homer’s Odyssey describes Alcinous as the ruler of the Phaiakians, in the island of Scheria.  He and his wife Arete have five sons and a daughter, Nausicaa.  The description of Alcinous’ palace and dominions, the mode in which Alcinous receives Odysseus (or Ulysses), the ensuing entertainments, and the stories Odysseus relates to the king about his wanderings, are described in detail by Homer. 

Alexander Pope published his translation of the Odyssey in 1726, with assistance from William Broome and Elijah Fenton. Pope attempted to conceal the extent of the collaboration (he translated 12 books, Broome 8 and Fenton 4), but the secret leaked. It did some damage to Pope's reputation, but the scandal soon passed.