"the famous story of Alexander and Clytus"

The killing of Cleitus
Public DomainThe killing of Cleitus - Credit: Andre Castaigne
Cleitus the Black (375 BC – 328 BC) was an officer of the Macedonian army led by Alexander the Great.  He saved Alexander's life at the Battle of Granicus in 334BC, chopping off the arm of the Persian satrap who was bearing down on Alexander. 

In 328 BC Alexander gave the satrapy of Bactria to Cleitus. The night before he was to set out to take possession of his government, Alexander organised a banquet in his honour.  However, an angry brawl erupted at the banquet.  Alexander announced that Cleitus was to take an army and fight the steppe nomads in Central Asia.  Cleitus was less than thrilled, and said so.  Alexander threw an apple at Cleitus's head and called for a dagger. Efforts to separate the two friends were futile, and insults flew between them, until Alexander grabbed a javelin and killed Cleitus on the spot.