"because Ulysses told a set of foolish lies to the Phaecians"
Odysseus and Nausicaa
Public DomainOdysseus and Nausicaa - Credit: Pieter Lastman, 1619

In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus's (Ulysses) raft is torn apart by storms and he washes up naked on Scheria, the country of the Phaeacians.  The Phaeacians are blessed and god-like people. Their remarkable ships are imbued with intelligence and are able to navigate themselves anywhere, and travel to ‘the furthest of any place’ and back on the same day.

The goddess Athena contrives to get Princess Nausicaa, the daughter of King Alcinous, to go to the seashore where she meets the shipwrecked Odysseus and directs him to her father’s palace.  Odysseus tells King Alcinous and his court the story of his adventures since the Trojan War.  They are deeply moved by his experiences, and provide him with a swift transport home to Ithaca, thus ending his 20-year odyssey.


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